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Air conditioning is a fantastic way to stay cool and refreshed whilst on the road during the summer months. After months of being inactive and switched off during the winter, you may discover that your air conditioning system is not running to its full capacity when you want to stay cool in your vehicle during the summer months.

Manufacturers recommend that drivers renew the gas and lubricant within their air conditioning system every two years, this will help to keep their system running at full efficiency.

With 85% of all new vehicles coming with air conditioning included within the vehicle, your system can lose up to 20% of air conditioning gas over the space of one year. The need to recharge the system is vital in keeping your car cool and the system running to its optimum level.

An air conditioning service at Tyreshops does more than just recharge the lost 10% of gas that escapes over the course of one year. Our mechanics are able to help solve any funny smells that may be released through the vents and help illuminate a bacteria build up within the air conditioning system.

With bacteria and fungi sticking to the moist interior of your air conditioning system, these germs are then released through the vents into the body of the car. With spores being released into the body of the vehicle, it can cause health implications on passengers, with reactions like sneezing and coughing.

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Our mechanics can conduct an anti-bacterial treatment, as well as replacing the pollen filter found within the ventilation. If your car air conditioning system is struggling to circulate cool air around your vehicle, tests can discover if the cause if a blocked pollen filter.

By booking your vehicle in for an air conditioning service, we can help you to illuminate any unwanted odours, clean, sanitise your system and ensuring that the cooling system is running at its full capacity.

Continuing to run a system that is struggling to generate and release cool air and is low on gas and lubricant could cost you more money in the long run, as the engine will be working twice as hard to power the air conditioning, keeping the car cool and therefore using more fuel.

Save yourself money and remain cool on the roads this summer when you book your vehicle in for an air conditioning service at Tyreshops garages in Hedge End or Whiteley. Give our friendly team a call about your air conditioning queries, or book your vehicle in for an appointment via our website.

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