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General van and car repairs from a reliable, local garage in Hedge End and Whiteley

At Tyreshops, we offer our customers much more than quality tyres, MOT testing and a great selection of car servicing.

We provide a range of general car repairs; our trained mechanics can conduct services from electrical work and cambelt changes to puncture repairs.

Two services that our mechanics carry out frequently, is that of clutches and exhaust replacements.

Clutch Repair

The clutch is an essential tool, helping to move and stop your vehicle. The clutch allows us to get the vehicle moving from neutral and to change up and down the gears, therefore the health of this vital tool is paramount in keeping your vehicle moving and on the road. Lasting an average of 5 years, the true lifespan of the clutch is dependent on how as you drive your vehicle and the number of journeys you choose to make. The life of the clutch is also reduced the more you stop and start, with drivers in the city wearing their clutch out more through the stopping and starting of driving in heavy traffic in comparison to a driver travelling freely on the motorway.

Testing the condition of your clutch is fairly straight forward. By bringing your car to a level road, keep your handbrake on and your engine running. Place the vehicle into fourth or fifth gear and start to release the clutch, while gently placing your foot onto the gas pedal at the same time. If your engine pulls to move or does not stall while to press on the gas, then you know that you urgently need to replace your clutch.

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Exhaust Repairs

An exhaust is a vital tool which helps to reduce the overall noise that is released from the vehicle whilst moving. Without the exhaust connected to the car can be a surprisingly loud noise, making a huge different. The ability to cancel out the noise of the car is a set of chambers within the exhaust which reflects the sound waves and cancel out the roach of the vehicle.

As well as offering our customers these two vital services, our mechanics can also conduct the following services:

Van and car servicing and MOT tests

General repairs

Brake pad replacement and brake system repairs

Suspension repairs

Clutch replacement and repairs

Timing belt replacement

Wheel alignment

Air conditioning servicing

Electrical work

Puncture repairs

For any information on the services that we offer, or to book your vehicle in for an appointment at Tyreshops, please contact our friendly team or use our online booking tool for MOT tests, servicing and repairs.

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