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If you are needing a garage to help with your wheel alignment, visit us at Tyreshops Hedge End, where we can help you with adjusting your misaligned tracking.

Wheel Alignment is a term used to describe the angles of the wheels, which are set by the manufacturer to ensure that the wheels are level to the ground and parallel to one another.

Wheel alignment is essential to ensuring that your vehicle operates safely and to its maximum efficiency; the aligned angles are intended to expand the tyre life and keep the vehicle driving in a straight line on a level road.

Often referred to as tracking, wheel alignment can be knocked out of place over time by driving through pot holes and kerbing the vehicle.

If you are aware that your wheel alignment is out of place but continue to ignore this issue, it can have consequences further down the line. Along with making steering more difficult, a car with its wheel alignment out of place will see its tyres wearing quicker on one side compared to a vehicle with the correct wheel alignment to that of the manufacturers recommended specification.

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Does my car need wheel alignment?

If the tyres on one side of your car are wearing quicker than the other side or perhaps the vehicle pulls more to one side while you drive, the wheel alignment of your vehicle could be out of place.

Regularly checking your wheel alignment can leave you feeling positive that your tracking is in the best possible condition and can reduce the risk of needing to purchase new tyres when the old ones are worn and help to reduce your fuel cost.

By booking your vehicle in for its Wheel Alignment service at Tyreshops, our mechanics, along with the latest modern technology and their expert knowledge through years of first-hand experience, can have many benefits for you and your car.

Our service can:

– Improve the lifespan of your tyres, through the unnecessary uneven wear.

– Reduce your fuel use. Misaligned wheel tracking results in a higher use of fuel, as the tyres drag along the road. Setting the tyres back to the manufacturer’s original specification can save you money over the miles.

– Better road handling. Realigning the wheels can make the drive more enjoyable, again by correcting the way the tyres handle the roads.

– More environmentally friendly. Through a lower fuel consumption and reduced tyre wear, the impact your vehicle has on the environment will be dramatically reduced.

If you have any questions about your wheel alignment or wish to speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team about the condition of your tyres, give us a call or book your vehicle in for an appointment through our website.

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